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IBSA Vitamin D3 in FilmTec™ now available also in Switzerland

Following its success in Italy, April will see the launch on the Swiss market of the first supplement containing IBSA Vitamin D3 in orodispersible film (ODF) using Film Tec™, a novel concept that constitutes the latest frontier in the oral administration field. The new formulation consists of a small, ultra-thin strip (with a thickness of just 50-150 µm) that, when placed in the mouth, dissolves within a few seconds, making the active substance rapidly bioavailable.
With this new food supplement, IBSA is able to meet a medical need that underwent an exponential increase due to the recent pandemic. Indeed, people who for long periods of time are unable to be in the open air and expose themselves to sunlight, are unable to produce Vitamin D naturally. Vitamin D is known to favour the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which is essential for keeping our bones healthy and supporting normal immune system function.
Great satisfaction with this launch was expressed by Malesa Ulrico Sidjanski, Head of IBSA Swiss Business Operations, who speaking at the presentation for the Swiss market declared “it is a clear example of IBSA’s innovative capacity and its constant attention to people. This new dosage form is suitable for use by anyone, even subjects with dysphagia, children, the elderly, uncooperative patients, people who travel frequently and those suffering from nausea”.
After Italy and Switzerland, IBSA Vitamin D will be distributed in Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Nordic countries, Spain and, probably before the end of 2021, also in Turkey.