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IBSA supports the Project Donne: the festival of women's health and well-being with the Unesco Chair - Federico II University of Naples

The Unesco Chair, "Education for health and development", is one of the six chairs out of over 700 worldwide in the medical landscape. As stated by Prof.ssa. Annamaria Colao, holder of the Unesco Chair at the Federico II University of Naples and President-elect of SIE (Italian Society of Endocrinology), their main ambition is to act in favor of the change of cultural, nutritional and environmental factors that may affect women's health.

The UNESCO Chair program was born in 1992, from the need to promote international collaboration between universities with respect to current research topics. Thanks to this sharing of information and knowledge, the chairs take care of societal development by creating up-to-date innovations and promoting cultural diversity.
This network of Chairs is key for the mediation between the academic world and society, as it allows for the broadcast of educational initiatives that aim to enrich society, scientific research and the most varied fields of study, all matters that are really close to IBSA’s philosophy.

In particular, the Project Donne aims to encourage women from infancy to the fourth age to know and learn about most common female pathologies, so to prevent them and treat them in an appropriate way. In practical terms, the project takes care of compiling educational content on women's health, made accessible by specialists providing free visits with the help of Campus Salute Onlus. From the 30th of June to the 3rd of July, the partners of Project Donne will organize conferences, talk shows and workshops on women's health.

As Prof. Annamaria Colao states, the objective of this event is very ambitious: "Through the Project Donne we want to promote a healthy lifestyle. We want to provide people with the tools and knowledge necessary to promptly diagnose a disease and treat it in the best possible way. I imagined this project in such a way that it could give women the opportunity to structure a broad path of health checks, rather than single visits”.

In this context, Dr. Silvia Misiti, Director of the IBSA Foundation for scientific research, will participate in the opening conference, presenting the project Let’s Science! This is a real best practice in health education, whose aim is to teach science through new languages that combine the rigor of scientific terminology with the art of comics. Therefore, it becomes a real open dialogue between teachers and young people.

IBSA supports the Project Donne: the festival of women's health and well-being with the Unesco Chair - Federico II University of Naples

IBSA also sponsors prevention programs that overcome the barriers of simple medical treatments. The individual is the focal point of IBSA's vision, for which the centrality of the human being is key. More in depth, IBSA aims to improve its patients' lives thanks to innovations, technologies and products that seek effective solutions and that can be fully adapted to people's lives and needs.