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The IBSA Group consolidates its partnership with Laboratorios Bagò for pain & inflammation in South America

Treating its distributors, suppliers and even its customers like trusted partners is one of the qualities that has made IBSA the company it is today. IBSA recently confirmed this tradition by renewing its partnership with Laboratorios Bagò for the distribution of selected products in South America pertaining to of our main therapeutic areas “Pain & Inflammation”.

The partnership with Laboratorios Bagò began around twenty years ago in Argentina and has continued seamlessly since then. And today, IBSA’s decision to invest significantly in South America brings new life and momentum to the relationship.

"IBSA’s goal is to invest in both long-term business partners and regional expansion throughout the continent,” announced Carmen Vigorelli, IBSA Sr International Sales Manager. “Laboratorios Bagò has been an excellent partner and we look forward to forging ahead with this successful alliance.”

Founded in 1935, Laboratorios Bagò is a pharmaceutical company active in 15 countries. In addition to their history in Argentina, IBSA and Laboratorios Bagò share a deep focus on quality, strong ethics as their business compass and sustainable development as the key to unlocking the future.