The blog by IBSA Foundation that promotes an accessible scientific culture

In 2018, IBSA Foundation for scientific research started an official blog on its website with the aim of providing high-quality and reliable scientific news and information to a larger audience.

Scientific journalist Paolo Rossi Castelli is the principal author and curator of the blog, with contributions based on articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. A licensed journalist since 1983, Paolo Rossi Castelli has dedicated his career to scientific divulgation with a focus on medicine and biology. He actively collaborates with the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, he penned the articles on the Science by Corriere della Sera for several years and he is the founder and director of PRC - Comunicare la scienza.

Before publication on the IBSA Foundation blog, every step of content curation follows a rigorous selection end editing process to deliver reliable, science-based quality content. Information is not sourced from press releases or from commercial magazine articles. Together with the Director of IBSA Foundation for scientific research Silvia Misiti, Paolo Rossi Castelli selects the news from scientific magazines, verifies the sources, as well as the authors’ background (mostly researchers), and translates and adapts its content into a more accessible version. Silvia Misiti states: “This step is extremely important as adapting scientific information for a broader audience does not, and must not, entail a lower level of accuracy nor is it merely a ‘simplification’. For us, scientific journalism is a tailoring process that targets a non-professionals audience while safekeeping the same scientific and rigorous approach as peer review.”

Peer-reviewed scientific magazines are indexed in official bibliographic archives such as PubMed, Scopus or Web of Science, and feature an impact factor, an index that measures the average number of citations received in a particular year from articles published in a scientific journal from previous years. It is essential to highlight how peer reviewed journals have an external and independent editorial board coordinated by an editor-in-chief. This process guarantees the scientific validity of the submitted content and it certifies its quality

In an age where unprecedented access to information can sometimes lead to unreliable, counterfeit and biased content, we at IBSA Group believe in the integrity and reliability of a scientific approach. The same quality standards we apply in developing our products and research are guiding principles that lead us even in the more humanistic aspects of our activity. In addition to publishing one article on frontier science (Science Beyond Frontiers) on the blog of the IBSA Foundation weekly, we also feature articles on Culture & Health as well as on Digital Art curated by Catterina Seia and Giacinto Di Pietrantonio of the Foundation's Advisory Board.

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