Therapeutic Areas

IBSA Educational Program, the training platform dedicated to reproductive medicine and endocrinology, is online

Research, innovation, and attention to patient needs are critical to the advancement of every field of medicine and are just as important as continuous education and training of physicians and all health care professionals. Providing medical professionals with the best tools to achieve constant growth in skills and knowledge is a responsibility that IBSA has always fulfilled with commitment and passion.

It is in this spirit that, among our initiatives, we have also included an online training platform dedicated to all specialists in Reproductive Medicine and Endocrinology. The platform can be reached after registration for Healthcare Professionals only at and is characterised by an extreme ease of use and high quality content.

Interested specialists will find a series of in-depth webinars focused on topics related to fertility and thyroid disease; presentations and in-depth discussions on key clinical topics and daily practice challenges are offered in on-demand modules of one hour each and in a rich video gallery with interviews with leading figures in the field.

The IBSA Educational Program platform was designed by the IBSA Group Strategic Marketing team to meet the need for digital transformation that the scientific community is experiencing, but also to create a long-lasting program capable of consolidating the relationship between the Company and medical specialists. “We envisioned the creation of this educational program to create a continuous and qualitative knowledge flow among experts in the field and contribute as much as possible to the dissemination of scientific innovation,” said Paola Fasola, Senior Scientific Advisor and Marketing Manager at IBSA.