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Not only the face: IBSA Derma presents the new products of the PROFHILO® line dedicated to the body

Our body is a masterpiece, and its every detail tells a nuance of our personal life. It conveys emotions and experiences, and is synonymous with authentic beauty, perfect because imperfect, dynamic and never static, just like life itself.

IBSA Derma – the aesthetic medicine division of IBSA Farmaceutici – starts from this basic assumption to promote greater awareness in prevention and body care, presenting at the prestigious AMWC – Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monte Carlo – the new products of the PROFHILO® LINE dedicated to the body care, the result of careful listening to the needs of women. 

Relying on its expertise in the field of aesthetic medicine, also thanks to cutting-edge technological innovations, IBSA Derma – world leader in the production of ultrapure hyaluronic acid – focuses on personal care aimed at enhancing beauty in its entirety, from face to body, and proposes itself as a reference partner for all the specialists who wish to offer their patients treatments that are in line with their expectations and their needs.

Indeed, a research carried out by Kantar Health* on behalf of IBSA Derma on a panel of specialists and patients revealed the market offer is not entirely satisfactory and it presents ample room for growth and development. From interviews, it clearly appears that patients experience body treatments with a certain "distance", due to an uncertainty about possible solutions and critical aspects in the current offer which today requires an important commitment with long treatments, in some cases even painful, and with results that are often perceived as partial in relation to the economic effort incurred.

In this frame, women live their need of body care in a non-explicit, almost latent way, with strong repercussions in their everyday life: they feel inadequate and uncomfortable with their looks, sleeveless garments therefore disappear from the wardrobe, while long dresses are favored, so they change their habits and clothing choices when they have to “uncover” in front of other people (such as during sunbaths). The sense of frustration grows, due to the passing of time that worsens the situation, especially for critical areas such as inner arms and abdomen. 

In a continuously evolving market, such as that of body care, and with patients that still have a fragmented and imprecise knowledge, the new products of the PROFHILO® LINE aim therefore to be a valid reference for all those women who want to feel in harmony with their body every day, enhancing their authentic beauty, because “Everyone is a Masterpiece”.

* Research conducted by Kantar Health in 2018-2019