Conversation with Silvia Misiti, Head of IBSA Group Corporate Communication, CSR and Director of the IBSA Foundation for Scientific Research

08 March 2021

Whispering in a world that shouts, where social media consider communication a reflection and not an action, IBSA has instead decided to speak through its actions, using quality, innovation and social responsibility to convey its message. Talking to us today is Silvia Misiti, a medical researcher who holds three positions at the company: Head of Corporate Communication, CSR and Director of the IBSA Foundation for scientific research.


Why has IBSA chosen this approach to communication?

“It was less a choice than it was the natural result of our tradition and DNA. We are a first-generation company. Our founder and president have raised us and shaped us with the motto “first do, then communicate, and always in moderation.” However, over the years we have realised that it has become indispensable - even for a pharmaceutical company - to join the public discourse and that “communicating” shows respect and consideration for the people who interact with us. Anyone should be able to find us and interact with us however is easiest for them, whether on social media or websites. This is why we update the content of all our communications and strive to publish a ‘product’ of the highest quality.”

It seems like you might define communication as a “care” product...

“In some ways it is. Good communication, especially in the field of science, is the best medicine for fake news and, in general, disinformation. Up until a few years ago, there was no Corporate Communication department at IBSA. We only had the IBSA Foundation for scientific research, which addressed a general public with broad activities. The new approach we are taking stems from a few of the foundation’s projects for training, research and CSR. Corporate Communication activities began to develop around this core, and they focus on protecting and supporting our reputation, which is crucial for us. We will never fall short of our values just to get a newspaper article or a like. Another way to think of communication is as a way of talking about ourselves and our activities transparently and in line with our values. And it is important to do this through our people.”

What about corporate social responsibility (CSR)? Do you whisper that too?

“Yes, we also talk about CSR with the sensitivity and consistency that characterise our entire way of communicating. At IBSA we believe it is right and natural to support the local community and area where we are based and to give back value in the form of community projects. Social responsibility, or better yet, sustainability, is neither a tactical choice nor a market lever, but a way of seeing ourselves, our work and our role. Our CSR reflects the values on which the company was founded. It is very important to all of us working at IBSA to always improve upon the status quo, starting with the pharmaceuticals and ending with the quality of life and everyday well-being of people and society.”

Speaking of the world and people at the company, today is International Women’s Day. What does it mean to be a woman at IBSA?

“Working at IBSA is an exciting adventure; it is challenging and enriching. Many women here hold positions that carry significant responsibility, but there are still steps to be taken before we reach complete gender equality. I believe that our company is already very “feminine” with the positive characteristics associated with women. Tenacity, curiosity, strength, balance, stamina, adaptability, resilience, openness and the ability to innovate and continuously reinvent themselves. All this without ever raising their voices! Obviously, this constant focus on continuous improvement is strenuous, but it distinguishes all us women. There is a little bit of each of us in every one of our products and sharing that with the world is IBSA Communication’s mission, not just on the 8th of March, but 365 days a year.”

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