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IBSA aims for excellence in packaging: the Profhilo packaging is in the running for the European Carton Excellence Award

Innovating and working responsibly to promote economic development and social welfare is an integral part of IBSA’s philosophy; a corporate value that also translates into attention to all aspects of quality and packaging development for its products. Following a massive research effort, the Profhilo box was born and is now in the running for the European Carton Excellence Award; the Oscars of packaging, rewarding and celebrating the most beautiful, functional, creative and successful ideas made of cardboard.

We’re talking about a completely new packaging, which has four specific features: first of all, the fact that it is tamper-evident makes it safe, as any attempt to tamper with the packaging is immediately and irreversibly visible. Secondly, the packaging is innovative in that it is a case that turns into a box, made according to the most modern user experience and design criteria. Thirdly, we’re talking about a product of the highest quality, made out of select materials.
IBSA has four founding values: people and their care; innovation in the constant search for more practical and effective therapeutic solutions; quality as the primary objective of each segment of activity; and responsibility towards people and the environment.

“For Profhilo, a product based on innovative technology that has created a new concept of hyaluronic acid, the packaging that has been created is a real work of art, expressing the IBSA DERMA philosophy that each of us is a masterpiece”, says Maria Bisogni, Marketing & Communication Manager, Dermoaesthetic Department.

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