IBSA stories

The New Normal according to IBSA: how everyday life has changed

A pioneering project put together with modern storytellers in various languages and settings

Talking about how each of us were forced to rearrange our everyday lives and the #newnormal that descended after the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and doing so through the contributions and languages of the new influencers, who have come to the public's attention through social media and digital networks: that is the focus of the #IBSA2020newnormal project. The digital initiative is taking a pioneering approach to talking about tomorrow through the medium of today.

#IBSA2020newnormal is a real ode to curiosity, a fundamental human inclination to develop innovation. An inclination that sets IBSA’s activities in the scientific, pharmaceutical, economic and communication fields apart. IBSA’s corporate communication, in fact, also reflects the changes we’ve all seen in our everyday lives, from remote and smart working to changing social interactions. We guarantee freedom and unconditional support to all contributors, who need only be themselves and communicate through the medium that best represents them.

In concrete terms, what IBSA hopes to offer is a meeting place for communication artists, such as photographers, writers and cartoonists. These artists are asked to open the doors of their ‘new world’ and give everyone the chance to better understand the future we are designing and the idea of which we are constantly communicating.

We’ll come into contact with various languages and tools that will enable us to experience first-hand the complexity of the topic #IBSA2020newnormal, the hashtag chosen as the thread to tie them all together. Keep following us to find out the names of our storytellers. You too have the chance to be part of #IBSA!