Running towards a better future, all together


The human figure stands out at the centre leaning forward in a polychrome dust. In the background, drawings of ancient projects and plans, the dawn of a great vision, which today is confidence, meaning, awareness. The body moves towards a future of new technology and knowledge.

The race, expression of the push to overcome the limit, embodies the only recurring constant in history: the human being, with his ingenuity, is the driving force of innovation, in a daily urge to get better.

IBSA is an experienced, technologically innovative, future-oriented company, driven by the responsibility to do what is best for patients and People. Hence it identifies itself in an image that represents a metaphor of life and its evolution, a visual reference to classical art reinterpreted in a futuristic key. An ingenious humanity, from whose wits it originates the transformation that drives the change. A powerful graphic transfiguration of IBSA as a reality at the centre of innovation, in the act of seizing new possibilities.

This is the icon that IBSA has chosen as the leitmotif of its visual communication. From today this image is the 'cover' of IBSA's social profiles, to testify on a tangible level to the values that make up the company's manifesto: People, Innovation, Quality, Responsibility.

"With this new visual we want to embark on a new story of IBSA, unique and memorable to make a difference in the way we communicate" says Silvia Misiti, Head of Corporate Communication & CSR IBSA Group and Director of IBSA Foundation for scientific research.