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Innovation in Urology: ialuAPP®, a new digital tool to support clinical practice

One of the fundamental pillars of IBSA is innovation, which is reflected in our offer of pharmaceutical products and medical devices with high quality standards and, above all, in the added value of the services offered.

IBSA has recently launched ialuadapter®, an innovative device for Urology specialists which allows the intravesical instillation of glycosaminoglycans without the use of a traditional catheter, offering several advantages in terms of compliance (i.e. pain-free, simultaneous treatment of the bladder and urethra, less invasive procedures). ialuadapter® is a completely innovative device thanks to its ease of use, made even more immediate by ialuAPP®, developed as an integrated service to support clinical practice. ialuAPP® has a multi-didactic approach: it offers information ranging from GAG replenishment therapy to product-specific information (a solution containing hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulphate and calcium chloride). ialuadapter®, meanwhile, features training and tutorial videos to guide doctors, step by step, through learning how to use the new device.

‘In a constantly changing world, all we can do is apply ourselves and strive to ensure that the innovative tools and solutions developed by IBSA can be best leveraged by doctors, to the benefit of their patients’, comments Giuliana Villa, Head of Medical Affairs at the IBSA Group.

A few months after its launch, the app has already been downloaded by about 700 specialists all over Europe and is establishing itself as a strategic digital tool, both in clinical practice and in scientific education support, particularly useful during this period of physical distancing.

‘We’re happy to learn that the app is helping clinical activity to continue, especially in a difficult period like the one we are currently experiencing, and we soon hope to reach all users of our innovative device’, concludes Marco Falchetto, Medical Marketing Manager, Medical Affairs at the IBSA Group.

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