Sustainability & CSR

IBSA looks into the B Corp model: the company’s goal is to have a positive impact on the world

B Corp is the name of a movement of companies around the world joined by their common goal of spreading a new business paradigm. Certified B Corps stand apart from all other market players because they look beyond profit and the creation of value for shareholders as ends in and of themselves. They continuously innovate to maximize their positive impact across the board: the environment, society and all stakeholders that come into contact with them in the scope of their operations. A company that pursues B Corp certification voluntarily and formally chooses to create social and environmental benefits while generating profit at the same time.

This is essentially a way of balancing an economy that benefits from natural and social capital, but with growth that does not exceed the planet’s structural limits and that lets future generations live without paying the cost of the damage created by previous generations. While traditional companies operate for the sole purpose of distributing dividends to their shareholders, the mission of a B Corp includes having a positive impact on society and the planet alongside its profit targets.

In this way, being a B Corp is more a mindset than a business choice, and since it was founded, IBSA has embodied the B Corp approach. Indeed, the company’s mission is to constantly innovate the way in which people receive care: “Caring Innovation”, the tagline in the IBSA logo, conveys the value that the company associates with people’s wellbeing, the ultimate aim of all its activities. And responsibility, one of the four pillars in the company’s mission, has been a hallmark of IBSA since it was founded. The company’s priorities have always been to create a positive impact and give back the value it receives from the communities in which it plays an active part, alongside being zero impact and helping reduce humanity’s footprint on our natural ecosystem.

In this context, IBSA’s sustainability report is ever more crucial to all the company’s operations. IBSA believes in continuously measuring the impact of all its activities, the many social responsibility projects carried out nationally and internationally and its unswerving focus on patients and the people who make the company a modern and efficient entity, in line with the social and cultural innovations that characterize this moment in time.