IBSA Foundation is science partner for the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan

30 March 2020

The collaboration began in 2019 and has evolved from there, seeing IBSA Foundation continue its role as the museum's Science Partner throughout 2020.

IBSA Foundation has partnered with Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan since 2019. The relationship, born out of celebrations marking the 500th death anniversary of the great genius, has this year evolved into a Scientific Partnership.

The museum's aim since its inception has been to tell stories of science, technology and industry, explaining visitors how the world came to be, starting with a glimpse of the unity of culture. This idea of a dialogue between cultural humanism and technical and scientific culture under the banner of innovation ties in with IBSA Foundation's mission, which has always been to promote dialogue between scientific and humanist disciplines, and in science dissemination.

Over the course of the year, this partnership will develop through a number of initiatives aimed at all lovers of science and scientific culture. The first project, shared by the two organisations, is #storieaportechiuse (stories behind closed doors), a daily slot on social media in which some of the museum's most beautiful stories can be told, even in this time of temporary closure to the public. On IBSA Foundation Facebook page, must-see appointments in the museum's programme schedule will be reported weekly.

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