Sustainability & CSR

IBSA at the 4cLegal Academy. Talent development and sustainability in the legal field

Supporting young students and researchers is one of IBSA’s priorities, which is why the IBSA Foundation for Scientific Research was set up in 2012. With the same aim and for the second time, IBSA, represented by Elisabetta Racca, Head of Legal Affairs, will attend the 4cLegal Academy.

The Talent, created and promoted by 4cLegal, offers the opportunity for recent law graduates, to embark on an intensive growth journey, meeting in quick succession some of the major players in the legal market, which pit aspiring lawyers against specific problems and situations very similar to those faced daily in the world of work. Participants will be encouraged both to deepen their knowledge of technical and legal aspects and to develop their soft skills. At the end of the seven tests, the most deserving candidate will be awarded the title of Legal Talent of the Year. Elisabetta Racca will take part in the second session as a Special Guest and will use her own experience and knowledge to help the Judges select five of the six finalists to make it through the first selection phase.

Racca says, ‘The 4cLegal Academy event is conducted with a spirit in line with IBSA’s vision of developing a person and his or her talent. It’s also an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the importance and specific nature of the legal department within a pharmaceutical company with a global outlook’. The joint focus on training, quality and innovation is only part of the values shared by IBSA and 4cLegal. The other major interest shared by the two organisations is sustainability, represented by the adoption of the Digital Beauty Contest, a measure for efficiency and transparency in international legal procurement. The tool is, in fact, perfectly positioned to further expand IBSA’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, a strategic concept and asset shared at various levels within the company.