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Good news for athletes: IBSA’s hyaluronic acid for intra-articular use is certified Doping Free

How can you treat an inflammation or any other condition, particularly in the musculoskeletal system, without the risk of being accused or even suspended and disqualified from competitions for doping? Professional athletes often ask themselves this very question, because many active ingredients used in sports medicine, although they do not enhance athletic performance, give positive results in anti-doping tests and therefore either cannot be used or involve long periods of self-suspension from competitions, so as not to incur worse penalties.

Thanks to its own research and the constant improvement of its products, IBSA is today able to provide all athletes with very effective therapeutic aids in full compliance with sports rules.

Recently, only some of medical devices based on hyaluronic acid for intra-articular use , designed for trauma relief and prompt recovery of motor activity and produced in Italy by IBSA, are the first to have obtained the Play Sure Doping Free certification. This certification guarantees the correct formulation of products and scrupulous application of production and control methods along the entire product supply chain.

This result is further confirmation of the values and quality that underpin all IBSA’s activities in health and personal care and which, in the field of sport, translates into promoting healthy physical activity, geared towards well-being and the achievement of performances that reward discipline and the spirit of healthy competition.

IBSA’s commitment to the world of sport is nothing new: for years, the company has supported sports professionals and amateurs.

Working alongside sportspeople means helping everyone, those who win and those who lose, because when it comes to health there are no opponents, only people who are committed and who give their best. Supporting sport means being part of something bigger than us as individuals and for IBSA, which has always placed all people at the core, no matter whether they are patients or colleagues, scientists or healthcare professionals, this is the biggest victory of all.

IBSA Doping Free certificate. Hyaluronic acid intra-articular use for athletes