IBSA in Person

Conversation with Silvia Callini, Jr Medical Marketing Specialist of Medical Affairs at IBSA Group

At IBSA we believe that achieving our goals is due to the synergy of relationships that are forged within the company. Through collaboration, the quality of each person’s work becomes a resource. This is also one way of interpreting the professional activity that we bring to other organisations we work with on a daily basis, such as partners and distributors.

At IBSA, collaboration is a prerequisite for working together. This has also been our approach during the difficult circumstances on account of lockdown due to the COVID-19 emergency. Each of us has continued to do our part during this time to guarantee continuity, albeit at a distance. Some of us have stayed out our posts for the duration of the emergency, but most of us have been forced to work remotely from home. Among these are some new hires who have spent their first few weeks at the company working remotely.

One such new hire is Silvia Callini, Jr Medical Marketing Specialist of Medical Affairs, who joined IBSA in full lockdown. Although relatively short, the home working distance at such a time of emergency and at such a delicate time during her career could have seemed insurmountable. And indeed it was, but only in the physical sense of the word.

“When I first joined the company, I found myself working from home and initially I was nervous about being ‘left alone’. But it wasn’t like that at all, quite the opposite. Thanks to my team, there has never been a lack of support and closeness. I’ve managed to do my work almost as if I were in the office sitting next to them. They’ve all been willing to help me to get set up and integrate, and they've answered all my questions. I am very grateful to them all for their help”.

A climate of virtual collaboration was immediately created, in short, and a way was found to make up for the lack of ‘physicality’ of places, people, everyday professional relationships and meetings with colleagues through a new way of taking part in ‘normal working life’.

“It’s been almost natural these first few weeks, taking part in online training courses with colleagues. Almost two months have now passed, the initial phase of learning is over and I send e-mails or Skype messages every day for my work to be evaluated, to stay in contact with colleagues and to tell them what I’ve been working on. I often wonder what it would be like to be in contact with them all the time and be able to discuss things face to face! But being able to joke over the phone or use a smiley emoticon in a message helps you to get used to a new normal and a new way of communicating.”

What made you want to join IBSA, which aspect of the company impressed you the most and motivated you?

“Caring for people, that’s the answer that struck me when I asked for information about the company. IBSA is the right place to grow; it’s a place where dedication to work is valued. When I said I wanted to work in an HQ, the first response was always ‘you don't have much experience’, but this new adventure has taught me that maybe being excited about what you do and wanting to contribute can still make a difference.”

The spirit of collaboration does the rest.