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IBSA goes global: new partnership in the US focused on fertility

IBSA becomes more global with each passing day: on March 1st we proudly announced a strategic partnership with Granata Bio, a biotechnology company based in Boston, MA focused on women’s health and fertility. The partnership will result in the clinical development of IBSA’s subcutaneous progesterone in the United States. This is a milestone in our development project: we are fully committed to a process of continuous innovative research and quality for our products. Guaranteeing patients’ safety and products efficacy is paramount for us as is for our partners at Granata Bio, whose expertise is in finding and developing solutions that address unmet patient needs.

In this framework “We are proud to highlight our knowledge in the fertility sector in the USA, and are very excited about its potential impact on people’s health and well-being. Granata Bio, with its strong roots in the US ART market, is a natural partner for IBSA”, said Giuseppe Mautone, Head of R&D Scientific Affairs of IBSA Group.

We hope that subcutaneous progesterone, if approved, can help address this unmet patient need. We are excited to collaborate with IBSA, a leader in fertility, in advancing towards that goal” said Evan Sussman, Co-Founder and CEO of Granata Bio.

Particular attention is directed towards patients who, through assisted reproductive technology, seek a solution to a fertility problem. Fertility is a very important challenge and we will do whatever we can to help people reach their dream of becoming parents.