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Caring Innovation

IBSA Institut Biochimique is a multinational pharmaceutical, headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland

The current management acquired the ownership in 1985 and greatly expanded its assets: today the company develops and produces for a wide range of therapeutic areas and owns 65 exclusive registered patents, while several other products and patents are under enlargement.

Innovation Innovation


Stem cells are the essence of INNOVATION and have two fundamental properties: self-renewal and power!

Quality Quality


Nerve cells are highly specialized in receiving, transmitting, controlling and processing all external and internal stimuli, ensuring an excellent QUALITY to all the mechanisms of the human body.

People People


Chromosomes are structures formed by DNA and proteins. They preserve as in an archive the genetic information necessary for the whole life of the PERSON that will be transmitted to the daughter cells.

Responsibility Responsibility


Blood has the RESPONSIBILITY of the most important human vital functions.

A far-reaching vision, as the essential stimulus for the future of care