One of IBSA’s goals is to operate in a responsible manner to promote social progress, gradually reduce its impact on the environment and create more long-term economic prosperity, in the conviction that the main purpose of the company is to contribute to people’s general wellbeing: the pursuit of this goal for IBSA is an integral part of its values and its culture.

IBSA Sustainability Report Report sostenibilità

To this end, in order to share its idea of healthcare, by highlighting the adoption of sound practices in social and environmental protection, the group drew up its first Sustainability Report in 2016, which collects and describes data on the company’s performance and approach towards sustainability for the 2015 business year, also examining the last three-year period, in order to present an overall comprehensive view.

From a practical point of view, for some time the branches and offices of the group have been involved in the reduction of energy consumption and the emission of CO2 equivalents, as well as in the collection, recycling and further processing of reusable waste, and the sustainable disposal of non-reusable waste.