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IBSA has grown substantially in the last 30 years and today employs 1400 people, distributed among its headquarters in Switzerland, branches and production sites, with an additional 200 employees through its strategic partner Laboratoires Genevrier in France, making a total of 1600 employees.

The company pays special attention to promoting talent in women - starting with the development of initiatives to support a correct work-life balance - and approximately 42% of directors and 47% of the overall workforce are female.

In line with the commitment undertaken by the offices responsible for the development of the human and professional potential of employees on a path of internal growth, the general approach of the company is to promote dialogue and intergenerational exchange as a source of enrichment for people and the business.

In accordance with this approach, today IBSA’s workforce is made up of different generations that offer different traits in terms of knowledge, skills, managerial capacity, awareness and aspirations: for this reason the company, through mentoring programs and programs to share intergenerational best practices, commits itself to encouraging the cooperation and fusion of generations, thus offering everyone a coherent response to practical needs and interests.

IBSA people employees

The wellbeing and serenity of its employees are a priority for IBSA, which over the years has invested in initiatives and projects that meet several of its employees’ most popular demands.

In fact, in 1958 IBSA set up the Foundation for the management of the Social Security Fund for Personnel, which manages the assets of the pension fund of IBSA employees in the Canton of Ticino – Switzerland, offering superior social security services to those required by law.

IBSA Primi Passi

In 2008, in order to offer further practical support, the company created the day-care facility Primi Passi IBSA, managed by the IBSA Foundation for Children: the facility, which hosts 30 children aged 4 months to 4 years old under the supervision of 13 teachers, is also open to the local community and is located in the Lugano area: great attention to detail has been paid to the day-care’s environment and every aspect has been designed to be child-friendly, from its furnishings and objects made out of sustainable materials, to its outside areas, in which several sensory paths have been recreated to encourage little explorers to go and “discover”.

Once again from the perspective of providing support to families, the company offers a summer camp for employees’ children aged 5 to 12 years old for 2 weeks in the middle of August.