IBSA places the individual at the centre of its values

IBSA believes in the central role played by patient, both physically, socially and psychologically, and aims to safeguard his principles, knowledge and feelings.

People at the core

IBSA people patient people at the core

Placing people at the core of its values and with the priority of alleviating their pain and discomfort, IBSA substantially humanizes patients, concentrating its energy and efforts on the areas in which it can make a real difference, providing quality solutions for specific physiological, relational and social requirements.

Direct dialogue

IBSA people direct dialogue

People represent the start and finish points of all IBSA’s activities and the care it provides comes from a deep understanding of the physical and mental limits resulting from a certain state of health, which are identified through observance and direct dialogue.

Solutions in their best form

IBSA people patient solutions

Respect for the uniqueness of the person is what fuels the interest in research that offers patients therapeutic solutions, in their best form, that are getting closer and closer to meeting everyday needs, such as quality of life and comfort.

IBSA people patient