Research & Development

Therapeutic solutions capable of improving the biodiversity

The Research and Development activities that distinguish IBSA are based on existing formulations and experimenting with new therapeutic solutions that, through innovative developments, produce therapies capable of improving the biodiversity of active ingredients and the effectiveness of administration systems with the goal of improving patients’ quality of life.

IBSA research & development
IBSA research & development
IBSA research & development

The incremental innovative system

Research in IBSA is aimed mainly at treating illnesses that, although not life-endangering, have a strong impact on normal everyday activities.
The fundamental aim of the incremental innovative research system adopted by IBSA is to treat, alleviate and prevent pain, as well as address the discomfort resulting from it. It is based on taking existing products and developing them to create improved ones that not only play an important role in society, but at the same time meet significant needs that have not been satisfied in the field of medicine.

All of this is with a view to improving the quality of life of people that deserve to receive the proper attention.

IBSA research & development

A flexible corporate development model

In order to offer a broad portfolio of products with excellent standards of quality and with major added value, IBSA focuses on a flexible corporate development model.

This strategic approach contributes to increasing the standard of customization and quality of its products, as well as increasing the number of niche technologies that improve existing molecules and therapeutic solutions: an organizational talent for the development of increasingly effective innovative systems adapted to suit people’s real needs.